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July 2013



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Jul. 22nd, 2013


Security Compromised

This will be my only public post. I have been writing in this journal like a diary for 10 years, using it much like the letters people write but do not send or the angry rant one spews in their car on the way to work to ensure their only vocal retort to their boss is a yes maam or no sir. This space has never been intended as a public forum of shared understanding, that is what my public blog is used for and designed to accomplish. While I left a page here or there on Gin 121081 open to the public to share stories about my children, it was never really a public blog. This site, with its username requirements and its password protection, is my deep thought diary shared virtually with friends who live around the globe but would still be the first people I call when I need someone to talk me off the ledge.

I have trimmed my friendlist to include only the people I know for certain are members of my inner-brain trust- the group of people who, like me, use LJ as a forum to share their inner most thoughts, no matter how damning and weird, and find comfort in the comments of others. If you feel you were booted in error, please let me know and I can fix it.

Everyone needs a safe space. I created mine online using Live Journal at a time in my life where my real life friendships were falling apart and I needed to feel less alone. Gin121081 became my inner circle of girlfriends and I can't imagine not having this forum to dump all my thoughts without over analyzing them.

I only accept new friend requests from people I know from communities, or people refered by friends I trust.